Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Italian Job

Since we're both Italian we have had more than our fair share of meals that make you wish you had elastic waist pants on. Our recent dinner at Stephano's in Wappingers Falls, NY was probably the biggest meal we've ever had.

PR ordered Zuppa di Pesce – what came out was a bowl the size of a large salad serving bowl. It was filled to the top with fresh clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari sitting on a huge bed of al dente linguini with homemade red sauce. The seafood sweetened the sauce and it was fantastic! (Sorry for the dark pics, the restaurant wasn't too bright)

I had linguini with marinara sauce topped with HUGE sautéed shrimp. The sauce was delicious and the huge portions made us feel like we were at home being fed by our mothers/grandmothers.

The best part was that after we were stuffed to the gills with amazing Italian food, we had leftovers that have lasted for two days. Check out the ridiculous to-go box (literally half a sheet pan and this was just his leftovers)!!!

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