Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cake Balls

So this will be my only post, hopefully, where I talk about food that I have made without including imagery.  But, since I didn't know on Sunday that I was going to start a blog I didn't think ahead.  That being said, I decided to try something I had read in many places online - cake balls.  What originally attracted me to these cute little treats was the ability to decorate them in tons of different ways.

Basically a cake ball is made up of baking a cake, letting it cool, crumbling it up and adding cake frosting to make it into a thick dough like material.  You then take small scoops and roll them into little balls.  Freeze them up and then coat them in melted chocolate to form an outer shell.

This weekend I made them with Funfetti cake and vanilla frosting.  I covered them in dark chocolate and they came out really great.  I put them in a freezer and when we ate them cold they tasted almost like bon bons.  I want to continue to play with them to work on the consistency but for the first try I liked them.  More to come...

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